Working together has a really good page giving a thorough description of translation teams working together to get their jobs done faster. This team work is exactly what Chaz is working with as a consultant when he goes to Guatemala four times a year. Read more about this approach here. This is part of a bi-monthly . . . →Read More:Working together

Feedback from users of Translator’s Notes

I regularly receive requests for drafts or published volumes of Translator’s Notes from translation teams in various countries. I ask these teams to provide me with feedback so we can know how these volumes are being received and how we can improve them. Recently I compiled a number of recent observations from translators about the . . . →Read More:Feedback from users of Translator’s Notes

Hearing God’s Word for the first time

In a small village in Colombia,these people are hearing God’s Word in their language,for the first time. It is being played in audio version on a Proclaimer (go here to find out more about these wonderful tools). Several years back Chaz and Doug helped with the recording of the Northern Embera Bible to . . . →Read More:Hearing God’s Word for the first time

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