Family in Savannah

We spent the few days after Christmas gathering in Savannah,Georgia,with Chaz’s immediate family to celebrate his parents’wedding anniversary. We all had a great time catching up with each other and exploring Savannah. I highly recommend going,especially if you stay right downtown in the historic district.

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Bibleless people group of the week

Thanks to missionary work in the 1920’s,most of the 18,000 speakers of Ahwai in Nigeria are Christians. But they do not have God’s word in their own language. Sunday services are usually held in Hausa,a trade language. Ahwai pastors realize that Hausa isn’t enough to build a sufficient understanding of the Scriptures. They . . . →Read More:Bibleless people group of the week

Guatemala tourist

I had a great time getting to know Antigua,Guatemala! I highly recommend it as a gorgeous historic spot.

Enjoy the quick tour!

Lots of beautiful old buildings;bright colors and marketplaces;tranquil hotels hidden behind high walls






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Newest Bible translation statistics

They are here! Here is a summary of what has happened around the world thanks to thousands of dedicated Bible translators,the team members who do all the “other stuff”and behind-the-scenes work,and the committed partners who pray and give regular financial support.

2015 Scripture and Language Statistics summary

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