Translation nearing the finish line

Please pray for the Roviana people as the current translation revision project is nearing completion.

Located in the Solomon Islands’ Western Province,the Roviana people first received the gospel message in 1902. Today,the headquarters of one major church group — the United Church — is located in Munda,among this Roviana community.

The Roviana . . . →Read More:Translation nearing the finish line

Pray for the Tuou people

Each week Wycliffe Bible Translators posts information on a people group around the world that is still waiting for the Bible in their language. This week’s focus is on the Tuou people of the Solomon Islands. Tuou is a language isolate,which means that it is unlike any other language in the Solomon Islands and . . . →Read More:Pray for the Tuou people

Editing Translator’s Notes

Here’s a glimpse of my (Helga’s) editing work for Translator’s Notes. This is from the book of Proverbs,chapter 10. I am reading through the work that the adaptor has done. He is working from the English volume of commentary and translation advice. He is comparing the issues in the English Bible versions with those . . . →Read More:Editing Translator’s Notes

Prayer project for this week

Each week Wycliffe Bible Translators shares information about a people group that is still waiting for the Bible in their language. This week it is the Talise people of the Solomon Islands.

“Good news from far away is like cold water to the thirsty” (Proverbs 25:25,NLT).

The Talise people live on the south side . . . →Read More:Prayer project for this week

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