Positive feedback from the field

As we sit in our offices here in Kalamazoo,Michigan,it is hard sometimes to remember that we are working for people who live thousands of miles away. We don’t see them much,except for the times Chaz has trips down to Guatemala,Colombia,or Panama,and can meet with them personally. Many of the . . . →Read More:Positive feedback from the field

They have requested a translation

In the Philippines,even though outside cultures have greatly influenced the Mandaya people in some aspects,the Mandaya still hold to many of their traditional animistic beliefs. They seek the council of shamans called Balyans,and live in constant fear of offending the spirits who may harm them or make them sick if the . . . →Read More:They have requested a translation

Some wedding pictures

We know you want to see some! We don’t have the official pictures yet,but here are some candids,shared by a number of people. It was a very special few days in New York,with family and friends,participating in the joyful celebration of Danny and Liz’s wedding. You can also go here to . . . →Read More:Some wedding pictures

It is finished!

An event to rejoice in –God’s Word arrives for a group in Guatemala!! Several years ago,Chaz did some consulting with the Wycliffe translator in this project. It is so exciting to see the finished product of so many years of labor and love. Thanks be to the Lord!

Prayers were answered on September . . . →Read More:It is finished!

40 Days of Prayer

All of us who are members of SIL,Summer Institute of Linguistics,together with the members of Wycliffe Bible Translators,are starting 40 days of prayer,for our organizations and for the work they do. Each week is a different theme,starting with this week’s question “What are we thankful for?”We are offering thanks . . . →Read More:40 Days of Prayer

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