Small community, great need












God’s Word is for the Minorities

More than 800 languages are spoken in Papua New Guinea and Bible translation has yet to begin in roughly 300 of these languages. As one of the nation’s many minority people groups,there are only about 1,000 . . . →Read More:Small community, great need

New projects need perseverance

There are over 180,000 people who speak Marma in Bangladesh,but very few believe in Jesus. A Bible translation can help them learn who Jesus is and how much God loves them. Fortunately work is already begun on a translation project.

Help Wanted

Last year,translators from the Marma language group were disappointed after a . . . →Read More:New projects need perseverance

Unwritable? nope!

Today I came across this blog entry by Bob Creson,the president and CEO of Wycliffe Bible Translators USA. He is a leader who,as busy as he is,took time to meet with our small group in February,when we were visiting the Wycliffe headquarters in Orlando. He took an hour to talk with . . . →Read More:Unwritable? nope!

Help get Bibles published

This month,there is a special opportunity to donate $6 and provide a New Testament for someone who is waiting to receive a printed copy in their language.

There are four people groups that have the NT translated into their languages,but one final step remains:the printing of Scripture. You can be a part . . . →Read More:Help get Bibles published

The Vaghri people of Pakistan

This summer,many children are exploring the world through Wycliffe’s Vacation Bible School program. Through it,kids will learn about different languages and cultures,meet characters from different countries,play international games,make unique crafts,and so much more. This month the Wycliffe prayer team for Bibleless people is joining in on the fun and . . . →Read More:The Vaghri people of Pakistan

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