What language does God speak?

This is from the blog by Bob Creson,the president of Wycliffe Bible Translators USA since 2003. He shares stories and experiences from around the world about Bible translation and its impact. This blog entry especially impressed me,because it references a number of things that relate to our personal ministry. He mentions the . . . →Read More:What language does God speak?

Volunteering for literacy

In the past couple months I have decided to take on more volunteering projects,working in areas I am especially interested in beyond my two jobs with Wycliffe Bible Translators and with the children’s ministry at church. Opportunities came to me and I thought,“I would LOVE to do this. I will do my best . . . →Read More:Volunteering for literacy

Pictures from our time in Orlando

I just found this in my “drafts”folder. I thought I’d published it,but didn’t! Well,better late than never. I’m still thankful for this time we had. It was refreshing and a great reminder to me of why we are involved in this important work.

We recently spent 5 days at WBT headquarters,at . . . →Read More:Pictures from our time in Orlando

Bible translation making a difference

I share this story with you here about Marta,a Tz’utujil from Guatemala. There is a New Testament in her language,and there is a translation team now working on translating the Old Testament. Chaz has been consulting with this translation team for several years now as they work through passages and books from the . . . →Read More:Bible translation making a difference

Such a useful tool –love modern technology!

Look at this! The Northern Embera Bible,available online for anyone with an internet connection. Try it yourself:

Go to https://www.bible.com/ You will probably have to sign up,if you aren’t already in their system. It is free and quick to do so. From the home page,go to the upper left corner and . . . →Read More:Such a useful tool –love modern technology!

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