Bibleless people in Guatemala to pray for this week

The Chajul Ixil (pseudonym) people of Guatemala are one of three Ixil people groups,and are one of 44 different Mayan groups in Guatemala that have had the New Testament translated in their own language. The first Chajul Ixil believer first learned about Jesus through the neighboring Nebaj Ixil translation team. Go here to read . . . →Read More:Bibleless people in Guatemala to pray for this week

Guatemalan Sign Language

This is from Wycliffe’s website,the group of the week to pray for.


An unknown number of Deaf are scattered across Guatemala,with the greatest concentration living in the capital city. While it’s believed that most of the Deaf community are culturally Christian,less than 1 percent have understood or accepted the gospel, . . . →Read More:Guatemalan Sign Language

It’s been awhile…

…since I wrote here. I’m sorry! Life happens,as you know,so many events and activities,some things get dropped in the process. I want to be more regular in posting interesting stuff on here for you who drop in and look. Chaz perseveres day after day at his desk,going through Bible material for . . . →Read More:It’s been awhile…

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