Bible translation statistics for 2016

Wycliffe has a lot of information available here. The main screen you see here has the pertinent information in summary. More detailed versions are also available if you go to the link and scroll down to the bottom of the page. There are graphics and charts that show the information in a more digestible form . . . →Read More:Bible translation statistics for 2016

Wycliffe year in review

Here is a video narrated by Wycliffe president Bob Creson and his wife Dallas,highlighting news from around the world on the work of Wycliffe Bible Translators. Hear updated statistics about how many missionaries are serving worldwide,the amount of money donated toward Bible translation,how many projects are ongoing,and more.

See it here.

. . . →Read More:Wycliffe year in review

A translation project to pray for

Approximately 450,000 people speak Yakut across Siberia. The community lives off of reindeer herding and hunting and fishing,often in remote and dispersed locations. Being so widespread can make it difficult to reach all Yakut speakers with the gospel in their own language,but the translation team is working to find opportunities to reach . . . →Read More:A translation project to pray for

A new year is here

Now that it is almost 3 weeks into the new year,I want to tell you all “Happy New Year”. It has been too long since I wrote on here. That’s what happens when the holidays come. My father-in-law has a word for the season from October-December:“Hallothankmas”. Ours was a lovely season with time . . . →Read More:A new year is here

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