Pictures from our time in Orlando

I just found this in my “drafts”folder.  I thought I’d published it, but didn’t!  Well,better late than never.   I’m still thankful for this time we had.  It was refreshing and a great reminder to me of why we are involved in this important work.

We recently spent 5 days at WBT headquarters, at the “Wycliffe Stateside Connection”. It was a relaxing and full time, with opportunities to visit, learn, laugh, ask questions, and find out about resources and services available to us. We really enjoyed it. Photographs courtesy of Mark Borland.  Come browse through this post.  If you are more comfortable with Facebook, I have them all posted there as well, right here.

Here’s the whole group, and the dedicated crew who made it all possible.
all six couples

We had a number of very helpful workshops and discussion times.

We had a number of very helpful workshops and discussion times.

praying for us

Each couple had a turn sharing their story,and the rest of us prayed for them.


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