Bible translation making a difference

I share this story with you here about Marta, a Tz’utujil from Guatemala.  There is a New Testament in her language, and there is a translation team now working on translating the Old Testament.  Chaz has been consulting with this translation team for several years now as they work through passages and books from the Old Testament.  Read on for Marta’s testimony: (taken from The Seed Company website, link provided below the story)

What difference does Bible translation make in ministry? Just ask Marta.

Marta lives near Lake Atitlán. She and some 60,000 other Guatemalans speak the Mayan language of Tz’utujil. Her grandfather on her father’s side was the first evangelical Christian in the area. His wife soon followed, and the two of them began going house-to-house sharing their faith with their neighbors. Today, their faith legacy lives on in the local church where their granddaughter leads the worship.

Having Scripture in Tz’utujil has changed Marta’s approach to music.

“In my singing ministry I find that in Tz’utujil we can understand well what the Scriptures say about our God, what He is telling us and what He has done in our hearts,” she says.

Recording prayer and worship songs in Tz’utujil helps her people express themselves to God.

“Sometimes we sing in Spanish but we don’t understand it very well,”  she says. “In Tz’utujil, however, we can understand it clearly. We can tell God how we’re feeling. What we feel in our hearts we can share in our own words.”

Her favorite song? “I am trusting, God, in You.”

“I feel happy to know that God uses me. It’s very humbling and I feel so happy for what God has done in my life. I really wish others to experience the same blessings.”

Go here to see pictures, including one of the interior of the church during a service.  Chaz has attended this church.

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