It’s been awhile…

…since I wrote here. I’m sorry! Life happens, as you know, so many events and activities, some things get dropped in the process. I want to be more regular in posting interesting stuff on here for you who drop in and look. Chaz perseveres day after day at his desk, going through Bible material for native translators to help them get it “just right”. He is gracious enough to help the Translator’s Notes team as well, when I need an extra pair of eyes to look at a volume getting ready for publication. I keep up (usually!) with my Translator’s Notes team members in editing, budgeting, doing performance reviews, getting needed resources, answering questions about this and that and the other thing.

It is so easy to get bogged down in the details, we miss the broader picture. I often struggle to consistently remember the people in far-off countries who are waiting for the materials that Chaz and I are working on  – consultant answers on translation questions, drafts of Proverbs, commentaries on hard-to-understand Bible passages. I’m thankful for periodic news from those translators, or those who are reading the Scripture for the first time and rejoicing in their new knowledge. Thank you for being part of our big picture, standing with us as we work in Bible translation. We are all making a difference.

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