Guatemalan Sign Language

This is from Wycliffe’s website, the group of the week to pray for.



An unknown number of Deaf are scattered across Guatemala, with the greatest concentration living in the capital city. While it’s believed that most of the Deaf community are culturally Christian, less than 1 percent have understood or accepted the gospel, and there are no self-sustaining Deaf churches. There is a need for a Bible translation into Guatemalan Sign Language so this people group can understand the message of God’s love in the language that speaks to their heart.

  • Pray for a translation project to begin for Guatemalan Sign Language.
  • Pray that the Deaf in Guatemala would learn about the message of the gospel and God’s love for them in a way that speaks directly to their hearts.
  • Ask God to stir in people’s hearts to help reach this people group with the gospel.

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