A translation project to pray for

yakut young people

Approximately 450,000 people speak Yakut across Siberia. The community lives off of reindeer herding and hunting and fishing, often in remote and dispersed locations. Being so widespread can make it difficult to reach all Yakut speakers with the gospel in their own language, but the translation team is working to find opportunities to reach people for the distribution of God’s Word.

In 2015 a chronological Bible storybook was completed and distributed. The Bible storybook, along with other printed Scriptures  —  including the New Testament, Genesis and Psalms  —  have been distributed to a region where about one-third of the Yakut population lives. A translation project for the Old Testament is in the beginning stages, and the team aims to produce oral stories, songs, a Scripture calendar, Bible study materials and more.

Go here to find out more about the Yakut people of Siberia and their desire to know God.


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