Bible recordings

How cool is this??  This is the ministry that, a few years ago, made Proclaimers, audio Bible recordings in solar-powered devices, in the Northern Embera language, using the text of the translation Chaz and Doug Schermerhorn completed.

Here are inspiring stories from among Cakquichel speakers in Guatemala, in response to hearing God’s Word for the first time in their own language:

One woman said this:

“I don’t speak Spanish.  Because our worship services were in Spanish, I never understood anything in church.  I thought Jesus couldn’t understand my language, Cakchiquel, since we did not pray or sing in Cakchiquel.

After the Audio Bible came and I heard Scripture in Cakchiquel, I understood it perfectly and learned how to live. Now, we pray and sing in our own language and this gives me great joy.

The men who read the Bible in Spanish for worship had to look up the words in a dictionary to understand and explain what they read. Now, there is no need for a dictionary. The pastor is now preaching in Cakchiquel. There have been great changes in my husband because of the Audio Bible. He has accepted Christ.”

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