We couldn’t do it without you

That is the message we sent regularly to our partners, both financial and prayer, individuals, families, and churches.  We usually have to rely on emails and handwritten notes, sometimes phone calls or personal visits, usually from a distance.  But last month, we had a chance to spend face-to-face time with our friends and partners at Sanctuary Bible Church in Carmel Valley, California.  What a rich time of laughter, talking, encouragement, and prayer.  Sometimes it can feel a bit lonely, working mostly far away from partners both in the US and on the field throughout Latin America.  We visited Sanctuary and spoke to the church body and in Sunday School, and had a lovely lunch afterward at the Schroeter house for further talking.  Thank you, Pastor Hong, for inviting us to share time in church and thank you to the SBC Missions Committee for encouraging us with your partnership and your prayers.  This was a wonderful time.


Lunch with SBC friends

Kim and Christine,good friends and sharers of cars!

After our time in Carmel, Chaz went on to spend a weekend in and near Tehachapi, at our partner church Country Oaks Baptist Church.  They also opened their classes and some time in the service to allow Chaz a chance to update the church body on our work and to express our thanks in person.  We are so happy when we are able to do that!  Thank you, dear friends of Country Oaks Baptist, for partnering with us and inviting Chaz to speak.  This work of Bible translation cannot be done in isolation.  We need our partners behind us every step of the way.

Dan and Cindy,long-time partners,with their first grandchild


Doug and Susan,Chaz’s hosts in Tehachapi

THANK YOU to all of you reading this, for your interest, your prayers, and your financial partnership.  You are helping advance Bible translation!
















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