New life

This is so beautiful I wanted to share it.  It is a lovely depiction of some of the best parts of spring here in Michigan.  We have already seen daffodils and robins, and the tulips are trying!  In a few weeks Chaz and I will spend a day in Holland, Michigan, at Tulip Time, an annual festival there.

Soon we will be marking our 7th anniversary of our arrival here in Kalamazoo.  That was a busy time, exciting, traumatic, challenging, and life-changing.  After so many years away from the US, we and Laura had to adjust to a new life here.  Seven years later, I’d say we have adjusted.  We have work, ministries, friends, and interests we never dreamed of seven years ago.  Yet in the middle of our new life, we remember our old life, in Panama, in Colombia, even way back to previous times in the US.  We are content where we are now, thankful to God for bringing us this far, and interested to see what the future holds.  We don’t have plans to move anywhere, but who knows?

Easter and Spring are good times to think about new life, as it shows up all around us.  What makes you think of new life?  What parts of your life have been renewed lately?  What needs to be renewed?

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