What does it matter,anyway?

I haven’t written here in close to three months.  Life goes on in its busy way, caring for all the mundane day-to-day responsibilities, to-do lists, fun moments, griefs and joys.  Yet underneath it all, we all ask ourselves, “What does it matter, anyway?  Why am I here?  What am I working for?” The answers to this question are as varied as are the people who are speaking.  What is YOUR answer?  Why does anything matter in your life?  When we think for very long, we realize that the things that do matter, are not things at all, but rather people, love, God, joy.

The truth of why anything matters can be found in God’s words.  I am glad that I know God, and his words in the Bible.  I am glad that the majority of my life has been spent working toward getting God’s words to people who do not have it.

“Have you ever thought about what your life might look like if you never had access to the Bible in your language? The Bible is the way we draw close to God and are transformed by the truth of the gospel. And that’s why Bible translation is so crucial — it connects people to a God who speaks their language.” These words are not mine,but come from this wonderful new source at Wycliffe Bible Translators, a look at why the Bible matters to people around the world.   Click on the link below to read a book with short stories from around the world, describing the difference the Bible makes in people’s lives.


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