Translation problems in John and 1 Peter

If you are anything like me,you like the Gospel of John the best because it is the easiest to understand. However,in our time checking this Gospel with a team of Embera Christians,we stumbled upon a number of misconceptions which had them confused.

One man,who had participated in the check of Luke,recognized the words in John 1:15 as those of John the Baptist. I said,“Yes,you’re right.”
Then the man concluded that the “John”mentioned in verse 6 was also John the Baptist. Then he said,“So John the Baptist wrote this book? I always thought John the disciple wrote it!”
I said,“No,John the Baptist dies before the book ends. He couldn’t have written it. The John who wrote this book never calls himself by his own name.”
An eye-opener for an earnest Christian trying to understand the Bible. Were you confused by this,too?

In John 8:41,Jesus accuses the unbelieving Jews of doing like their father does. These Jews respond,protesting that they are not illegitimate children. We had used the expression,“We were not born by an adulterous woman!”However,in discussing the passage,the Emberas said that particular expression did not communicate that the children were fatherless or stigmatized in any way. One man said,“If you really want to say they are fatherless and people look down on them,you have to say ‘We were not born by a single woman!’”
That’s why we check the draft!

The phrase “living stones”in 1 Peter chapter 2 is a translation problem in Embera because a live rock is one you can’t break. It’s too hard! A “dead rock”can be crushed.

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