Chaz’s birthday in Oaxaca

Chaz reported the unique way he celebrated his birthday:

“I had quite a birthday. .. someone or some group got together and put balloons on the breakfast table,gave me a roll with candles crammed into it and sang me “H.B.”So I felt celebrated…

“About 9 AM,Hans pulled up with the Suburban and we …piled in. Joy has been working in this language (Tilantongo Mixtec) for 35 years and so there were plenty of materials to sell in the Sunday market. Hans and I set up a canopy (very sunny at 7000 ft.) and hooked up the Jesus film in Mixtec,too. We sat watching it so others would,and some did,too. Joy knew some of the people watching it were[Jehovah’s Witnesses],so she was upset they wanted to buy copies of it. (They have been doing lots of proselytizing.) But we told her this would give them more of the truth and the light and so she said it was so wonderful we came and could give her this perspective. The drive was less than an hour by tollway and the rest by rocky path. Beautiful canyons and hillsides. Looks alternately like western Colorado,Israel,California…Then we got ice cream bars on the way home to celebrate my birthday again.

“Today at elevensies [coffee break,for those of you who are not familiar with Lord of the Rings],they brought out some birthday cake (left over from Hans’50th birthday) and lemon meringue pie. So now I feel too celebrated.

“Today I got Kari and Tanganxuan [the translation team Chaz has been practice-consulting with] to start on discourse charting. We have quite a ways to go but they agree it will help their translation.”

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