A new story starts

This  comes from our pastor in Panama,who pastors a small church in Gamboa,on the edge of the Panama Canal,at the edge of the jungle,near a river that is runs by the home of many indigenous Embera and Wounaan people.  Pastor Bill participated in the Bible dedication celebration in August and has a supply of Embera Bibles,so we know that Oscar has a Bible now.

HIS NAME IS OSCAR.   He is from the Embera tribe.  There are about [3]0,000 in this Indigenous group located mainly in …Panama and Colombia.   But there is a small village of this tribe near Gamboa,just up the river next to the Wounaan village.

There are about thirty people in his village and although they live close to each other there is not a whole lot of communication between the two,and even tension.  They look alike,have many of the same customs,but have different languages.  They communicate with each other mainly in Spanish,which is their second language.

Well,let me tell you about Oscar.  Most of those in the Wounaan village are now Christians and come to church quite regularly.  But we rarely have anyone from the Embera village. We have prayed about this for years…that’s why when Oscar came to church about two months ago I got excited.

He stayed after the service to speak with me.  “I became a Christian a few years ago but have gotten away from God.  I have been living in the Darien (near Colombia) and have just returned to this area.  I want to rededicate my life to Christ publicly.”

Wow,this was wonderful news!  So we decided that the following Sunday,during the announcement time,he would come up front and reaffirm his faith in Christ and his desire to live for the Lord.  Then we would pray for him.

The following Sunday,all went well…and we all rejoiced with him.  Two weeks later he came to me and told me that his wife was in the hospital and had just given birth to a girl the night before.

Again we rejoiced with him and prayed for the family.  As our custom with the Indigenous people,we gave a package of “baby things” and money to get the baby released from the government hospital….about $40.

The following Sunday the parents brought the baby forward and took vows to dedicate her to the Lord with prayer…. AND…they have been with us each Sunday since then.

One person at a time,one family at a time,one village at a time with the good news of Jesus Christ…to give hope to the nations without any hope.


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