New Tribes Mission in Venezuela

Our partner in the Northern Embera translation project,Doug Schermerhorn,is a member of New Tribes Mission in Panama. New Tribes has also worked for many years in Venezuela and is now facing a crisis.

Here is the official statement:

“13 October 2005
CARACAS,Venezuela:Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez announced yesterday during a nationally televised speech that NTM missionaries would be expelled from the country. He did not indicate a specific time,but did say it would be done in an orderly manner.

“NTM is aware of the statement made by President Chavez and the implications his comments will have to our organization. We would welcome any opportunity to address the President’s concerns and help him better understand our organization and the work of New Tribes Mission in Venezuela.

“The primary concern is for the indigenous people of Venezuela whom our missionaries serve. In addition to religious teaching,our missionaries also minister in areas of humanitarian assistance,community development and literacy.

“We have the highest regard and respect for the people,laws and country of Venezuela. We hope that President Chavez will reconsider his decision and allow us an opportunity to clarify misunderstandings and misinformation that exists regarding the work of New Tribes Mission in Venezuela. New Tribes Mission is not and has never been connected in any way with any government agencies. Our goal is to serve indigenous people.

“We are confident that President Chavez wants the best for the people of Venezuela. New Tribes Mission considers it a privilege to have served the indigenous people of Venezuela for the past 59 years. We deeply desire to be able to continue serving them.

“Please pray that NTM’s leaders in Venezuela will have wisdom as they pursue further dialogue concerning this matter. And pray that our missionaries will know God’s peace in the situation.”

For more news,go to NTM’s official website:

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