Ministry Budget

Wycliffe Bible Translators does not pay us a salary. Wycliffe uses and approves a ministry budget for its members. This budget reflects the amount needed to fund each ministry. Wycliffe requires its members to develop financial partnerships with individuals and churches to fund its tax-exempt purpose and to meet their full ministry budgets.

Donations to ministries are sent to Wycliffe’s U.S. headquarters in Orlando, Florida, and designated for our use. All donations are subject to a 10% assessment for defrayment of administrative costs and funding of major projects. Wycliffe also takes care of tax withholding, health and life insurance premiums, Social Security, workers’ compensation, mandatory retirement savings and so forth. The remainder of our ministry budget is deposited into our bank account. We receive a statement from Wycliffe each month, with details of all donations, charges and deposits mentioned above.

The funds which end up in our account are used for rent, car expenses, groceries, tithes and offerings and all the details of daily life. Most of Chaz’s  travel expenses for Bible translation consulting are financed by SIL, Wycliffe’s academic partner organization.  Necessary expenses for Helga’s Translator’s Notes job, like a laptop and any travel expenses, are also funded by SIL. Funds for the publication of the Embera Scriptures came from a separate source.

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