Volunteering for literacy

In the past couple months I have decided to take on more volunteering projects,working in areas I am especially interested in beyond my two jobs with Wycliffe Bible Translators and with the children’s ministry at church. Opportunities came to me and I thought,“I would LOVE to do this. I will do my best . . . →Read More:Volunteering for literacy

Pictures from our time in Orlando

I just found this in my “drafts”folder. I thought I’d published it,but didn’t! Well,better late than never. I’m still thankful for this time we had. It was refreshing and a great reminder to me of why we are involved in this important work.

We recently spent 5 days at WBT headquarters,at . . . →Read More:Pictures from our time in Orlando

Bible translation making a difference

I share this story with you here about Marta,a Tz’utujil from Guatemala. There is a New Testament in her language,and there is a translation team now working on translating the Old Testament. Chaz has been consulting with this translation team for several years now as they work through passages and books from the . . . →Read More:Bible translation making a difference

Such a useful tool –love modern technology!

Look at this! The Northern Embera Bible,available online for anyone with an internet connection. Try it yourself:

Go to https://www.bible.com/ You will probably have to sign up,if you aren’t already in their system. It is free and quick to do so. From the home page,go to the upper left corner and . . . →Read More:Such a useful tool –love modern technology!

Small community, great need












God’s Word is for the Minorities

More than 800 languages are spoken in Papua New Guinea and Bible translation has yet to begin in roughly 300 of these languages. As one of the nation’s many minority people groups,there are only about 1,000 . . . →Read More:Small community, great need

New projects need perseverance

There are over 180,000 people who speak Marma in Bangladesh,but very few believe in Jesus. A Bible translation can help them learn who Jesus is and how much God loves them. Fortunately work is already begun on a translation project.

Help Wanted

Last year,translators from the Marma language group were disappointed after a . . . →Read More:New projects need perseverance

Unwritable? nope!

Today I came across this blog entry by Bob Creson,the president and CEO of Wycliffe Bible Translators USA. He is a leader who,as busy as he is,took time to meet with our small group in February,when we were visiting the Wycliffe headquarters in Orlando. He took an hour to talk with . . . →Read More:Unwritable? nope!

Help get Bibles published

This month,there is a special opportunity to donate $6 and provide a New Testament for someone who is waiting to receive a printed copy in their language.

There are four people groups that have the NT translated into their languages,but one final step remains:the printing of Scripture. You can be a part . . . →Read More:Help get Bibles published

The Vaghri people of Pakistan

This summer,many children are exploring the world through Wycliffe’s Vacation Bible School program. Through it,kids will learn about different languages and cultures,meet characters from different countries,play international games,make unique crafts,and so much more. This month the Wycliffe prayer team for Bibleless people is joining in on the fun and . . . →Read More:The Vaghri people of Pakistan

Positive feedback from the field

As we sit in our offices here in Kalamazoo,Michigan,it is hard sometimes to remember that we are working for people who live thousands of miles away. We don’t see them much,except for the times Chaz has trips down to Guatemala,Colombia,or Panama,and can meet with them personally. Many of the . . . →Read More:Positive feedback from the field

They have requested a translation

In the Philippines,even though outside cultures have greatly influenced the Mandaya people in some aspects,the Mandaya still hold to many of their traditional animistic beliefs. They seek the council of shamans called Balyans,and live in constant fear of offending the spirits who may harm them or make them sick if the . . . →Read More:They have requested a translation

Some wedding pictures

We know you want to see some! We don’t have the official pictures yet,but here are some candids,shared by a number of people. It was a very special few days in New York,with family and friends,participating in the joyful celebration of Danny and Liz’s wedding. You can also go here to . . . →Read More:Some wedding pictures

It is finished!

An event to rejoice in –God’s Word arrives for a group in Guatemala!! Several years ago,Chaz did some consulting with the Wycliffe translator in this project. It is so exciting to see the finished product of so many years of labor and love. Thanks be to the Lord!

Prayers were answered on September . . . →Read More:It is finished!

40 Days of Prayer

All of us who are members of SIL,Summer Institute of Linguistics,together with the members of Wycliffe Bible Translators,are starting 40 days of prayer,for our organizations and for the work they do. Each week is a different theme,starting with this week’s question “What are we thankful for?”We are offering thanks . . . →Read More:40 Days of Prayer

Partners for Cameroon in New York

As the pastor of a local church in Brewster,New York,Travis Mitchell has a huge heart for people in need. That’s why he focuses his church around two causes:human trafficking and Bible translation.

Pastor Travis Mitchell introduces children of First Baptist Church of Brewster,New York,to Bibleless people groups

While Pastor Travis . . . →Read More:Partners for Cameroon in New York

Moving day

We spent a day last week helping Chaz’s parents move into their new home in Ann Arbor. This was a move after 38 years in one home,a house filled with love and memories that now had to be emptied,cleaned,and keys handed over to someone else. Now they face making a new,empty . . . →Read More:Moving day

Almost done

The Baruga people of Papua New maintain a vibrant culture and a strong identity despite being aware of and connected to the wider world through trips to town. Located in a firmly Anglican area,their faith and worship has grown to be an important part of their life. The influence of the gospel for the . . . →Read More:Almost done

The Oya’oya people of Papua New Guinea

The Bibleless people group of the week for pray for through Wycliffe Bible Translators is the Oya’oya of Papua New Guinea. They live in small coastal hamlets south of Milne Bay. Catholic and Kwato churches have had an influence on the Oya’oya in the past,but there appears to be a lack of understanding of . . . →Read More:The Oya’oya people of Papua New Guinea

Bible translation in the Arctic circle

“Those who live at the ends of the earth stand in awe of your wonders. From where the sun rises to where it sets,you inspire shouts of joy” (Psalm 65:8,NLT).

The nomadic Nenets have lived for centuries in one of the most challenging environments on Earth. They follow the migrations of vast herds . . . →Read More:Bible translation in the Arctic circle

Psalm 13 in the Poptí language of Guatemala

Here’s a video Chaz took on his most recent trip down to Guatemala. It features Waldemar,one of the native Poptí Bible translators,sharing a song he wrote based on Psalm 13. [Chaz and the other consultants have been working with the native translation teams through the book of Psalms for several months now.] . . . →Read More:Psalm 13 in the Poptí language of Guatemala

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